Laboratory of Biomechanics

Welcome to the Biomechanics Lab

Welcome to the Biomechanics Lab


Building bridges between fields

Our Motivation

Human movement is a highly engineered function mediated by our nervous system. The architecture between the musculoskeletal and nervous system creates a feedback loop where the sensory input gives our brain the framework to generate motor commands that allow us to move, adapt, interact and modify the external world around us.

Understanding human movement in healthy scenarios give us hints about how to approach its disruption. Understanding the sensory-motor adaptation after a disease that affects it, complements our understanding to provide support and create novel strategies to improve motor function.

Our Mission

We are eager to understand the components of human movement and sensory-motor integration in order to develop novel technologies and original approaches aimed to improve the quality of life of patients and healthy people as well.

In order to do so, we study the biomechanics of human motion, its alterations, and recovery following an injury. Therefore, we search for creative ways to evaluate movement and generate interventions that lead neurologic patients to improve movement and therefore recover their quality of life after injury.

The implementation of technologies that augment our senses in healthy and impaired conditions is other of our main interest.

We are also interested in understanding changes in the central nervous system at a cellular level after a lesion of the central nervous system. Understanding basic mechanisms and dynamic changes after a specific intervention in the neural tissue is imperative for developing novel approaches to neurologic patients and testing new technologies. When required, we use animal models of human diseases to study, test and evaluate novel interventions and its effects on the nervous system.