Laboratory of Biomechanics



The University of Tsukuba is celebrating for the first time the Commencement Day for the Interdisciplinary Engineering Program of our faculty. Congratulations to the first IDE generation.


Our director was invited to contribute to the Research Internationalization Encounter 2023 held by the National University of Colombia as an initiative to increase joint collaboration between institutions.


Professor Puentes was awarded the prestigious IEEE R10 Ethics Champion title. Always committed to ethics and transparency in research, our director is honored to receive the title reinforcing her compromise with fostering good science for the benefit of mankind.

2023/07/24 ~2023/07/28

Lab members participated and presented their research progress at the IEEE 45th Annual International Conference of the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC) 2023 held in Sydney Australia. It was a fantastic experience to share and learn along respected scientists and brilliant researchers.

Presentation and Paper Title:
Validity of Accelerometer-Based Sensor System for Muscle Tightness Estimation through Vibration on the Upper Limb. Luis Torres, Jinho Lee, Taku Hachisu, and Sandra Puentes.

Poster titles:

Disembodiment of Itch Sensation by Implementing the Rubber Hand Illusion. Reo Togashi and Sandra Puentes.

Infant-Modified Adipose-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Modulates Microglial Response in a Rodent Stroke Model. Sandra Puentes, Vuong Cat Khanh, Osamu Ohneda, and Aiki Marushima.

2023/06/04 ~2023/06/09

Professor Puentes joined a committee of the program Study in Japan Global Network Project, South America, organized by the vice coordinator of the project at our university Giancarlo Carmelino. We visited universities and schools in Colombia, brought information about student life in Japan, costs, and opportunities, and made a special scope on our University of Tsukuba English programs, research, and the internationalization perspective of our wonderful institution. We look forward to building bridges and reinforcing existing ones between universities and sparking interest and curiosity in young students to see Japan as a possible study destination.


This is the beginning of the third year for our lab, and we are very proud to welcome Reo Togashi and KōtaYokoyama to the IMIS Master’s Club. We also welcome our brand new members Zezhou (AKA: Alex) Wang to the EMP Master’s club and to our Bachelor’s Zhaolong (AKA: Lonlon) Wang and Seiichiro Harauma. We wish you a year full of fantastic and fun research!


The academic year is over, and we are celebrating our lab members who finished their academic courses. Cheers to our fantastic Bachelor Students Reo Togashi, Kota Yokoyama, and Research Student Tanja Berisavljevic. Congratulations, and good luck in the path ahead!

Check details of the Commencement Ceremony Day here.

2022/03/19 & 2022/04/23

Our department graduate programs (IMIS & EMP) are holding an open campus twice in March and April. Drop by the morning session for a full program intro, and the afternoon session will give you the opportunity to directly contact professors and students of different labs in our department. See you there!

First session (March 19th): Onsite @University of Tsukuba campus (3L building, 2nd and 3rd floor)
Second session (April 23rd): Online (Airmeet)

Check the latest updates on our official page here.

2022/10/18 ~ 2022/10/21

Lab members participated and presented their research progress at the IEEE 11th Global Conference on Consumer Electronics held in Osaka. Tomohito Fujimoto (Master’s program in Intelligent and Mechanical Interaction Systems, M1) received the Bronze price for Excellent Paper. Congratulations.

Presentation and Paper Title:
First-Person View Hand Posture Estimation and Fingerspelling Recognition Using Hololens.
Tomohito Fujimoto, Takayuki Kawamura, Keiichi Zempo and Sandra Puentes.


From September 1st, a new MEXT research student is joining our team. Tanja Berisavljevic; welcome to our lab!

2022/07/03 – 2022/07/07

Our director participated in the International Society of Posture and Gait Research Conference ISPGR 2022 held in Montreal Canada (virtual attendance). A poster entitled Estimation of Planar Covariation of Elevation Angles During Gait Using Inertial Measurement Units was presented.

2022/04/24 – 2022/05/08

Our department graduate programs (IMIS & EMP) are holding an open campus (ONLINE). Drop by to the morning session for a full program intro, and the afternoon session will give you the opportunity to contact directly professors and students of different labs in our department. See you there!

First session (April 24th): Youtube (AM) / Airmeet (PM)
Second session (May 8th): Youtube (AM) / Airmeet (AM / PM)


Our academic year starts today and we are receiving new students as well. Welcome to the Master’s club to Tomohito Fujimoto and Luis Torres, and to our new bachelors Reo Togashi and KōtaYokoyama.


Today was the commencement ceremony day. We congratulate all students graduating from Undergraduate and Graduate courses at the University of Tsukuba; especially to our amazing lab members. All the best to Fujimoto-san and Lee-san.


Tomohito Fujimoto (B4) presented his research progress at the Human Communication Group Symposium HCGSYMPO 2021. The presentation was held online (Japanese).

Research title: ホロレンズを用いる一人称視点の手指姿勢推定および指文字の認識


Tomohito Fujimoto (B4) was awarded “BioImpact Award” at the event “Researcher Matching Project 2021 with Matching HUB Hokuriku” which took place from Nov. 5 to Nov. 17. This event was held in collaboration with the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST), Ibaraki University, and Tsukuba University, with the aim of promoting interdisciplinary research collaborations by sharing research ideas and discussing its challenges. Congratulations!

Research title: First-person’s view hand posture estimation and fingerspelling recognition using HoloLens.

2021/10/28 ~ 2021/10/29

The University of Tsukuba will be hosting the “Imagine the Future Fair 2021” on October 28th for graduate programs (LATAM: AM, Asia: PM) and October 29th for undergraduate students. Find our lab at the IMIS and IDE booth!


From October 2021 a new bachelor student is joining our team. Ian Shimabukuro, welcome to our lab!


Our latest book chapter Challenges and Approaches of Data Transformation. Big Data in Pandemic Times, an Example from Colombia has been published by CRC Press. Taylor & Francis Group in Engineering Analytics: Advances in Research and Applications (chapter 8).


Check our latest publication regarding wave propagation simulation here.

2021/04/18 ~ 2021/05/09

Our department is hosting the annual open campus in Remo (online) on April 18th and May 9th. Please drop by to hear a bit more about our lab and research. More info about IMIS and EMP programs open campus here.


From April 2021, 2 fantastic bachelor students are joining our lab. Tomohito Fujimoto and Jinho Lee, welcome.


Our Biomechanics Lab proudly announces the publication of its new page; and we are looking for new members.